Did you know about – The Suzuki Street Magic TR50?

Wed, Jun 11, 2008


What happens when you slap a 2-stroke 50cc Suzuki engine on an under-bone frame minibike? You get the Suzuki Street Magic TR50. I believe they were built between 1997 and 2005. A slightly bigger version was built at the same time called the Street Magic II. 7.1 Horsepower, looks like fun!
It makes a pretty sick cut-down. See?
What more photos to drool over? Go here.

***UPDATE 6/11/08***
Our friend, the honorable Akisan in Japan, has found some more juicy bits on the TR50. Turns out that in 1998, Suzuki made 5,000 Street Magic 110′s (strangely enough, with a 113cc engine). A tiny 113cc 2-stroke? SaaaaaahWEET! Check the specs here. ALSO, look over here at Aki’s other link… It looks like the Streetmagic-II TR-50SD is still in production for the Japanese market! I’m both surprised and soothed by this notion. “Ahhh, Japan’s still got it.”


8 Responses to “Did you know about – The Suzuki Street Magic TR50?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Very cool. Another neat bike we will never see in the US.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    You can buy an Adly Road Tracer in the US. I have one and it is almost the same. They only come in yellow though.


  3. Renze Says:

    I got one standing here in my backyard.. there were for sale in Europe as well (the 50cc versions). I’m a Zoomer rider now, still looking for the free time to restore it.. here’s a picture from better days when it still ran:



  4. Steve Says:

    Hi Renze! Great look on those things. Are you in the UK? I guess the US was one of the few places that got the “shun!” from Suzuki. I wonder how many have actually found their way here. There’s got to be a handful.

    Good luck with your resto! Maybe you can show us the finished product, eh?



  5. Renze Says:

    Hi Steve, no I’m in Amsterdam.. they sure are fun to ride, mine was a little tweaked and could do wheelies easily.
    I had to stop riding it because I got too many tickets (noise and speed). No risk of any of that on a Zoomer :)
    Now that I found a source for stock OEM parts I hope I can bring it back to stock levels. If I ever finish it I’ll sure let you know! (btw good to see some updates again)


  6. fat tony Says:

    They’re so cute!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I have two TR50's and two TR110's.
    both bags of laughs in their own right, though the 110 has more torque / speed so great for hilly terain.
    Imported by "Grey importers" from japan here in south africa


  8. chuwie (BE) Says:

    proud owner of the suzuki TR50 :p
    installed metzeler (best grip and performance) tyre on the rear wheel
    and front ML50 (better handling) tyre, tooooons of fun and sweet ride, especially in the city, with lots of traffic ;p and not to support this, but.. you can outrun the cops for sure in the city, not that i have done it :) you can take corners at max speed no problem.. standard brakes are pretty good.
    only one negative point, it’s very hard suspension, i mean really hard, but very nice to look at. took the battery out, so i have to kick it to start it, now it weight less, standard muffler is uninstalled, found a subtle muffler from a suzuki ER 20 ,painted matte black, and some small optical changes, looks nifty! :D


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