Review: Aprilia Scarabeo 200

Mon, Jul 28, 2008

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The latest review for of the 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 200. Please click the title link if you prefer to read the review (if you’re a “book IS better than the movie” kinda person).

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10 Responses to “Review: Aprilia Scarabeo 200”

  1. Tim Says:

    Great review. Much more bang for your buck with the Aprilia vs. the Vespa it seems.


  2. Bawitback Says:

    Excellent review!


  3. Steve Says:

    HEY! Thanks for the feedback! I was starting to wonder… *tap tap tap* “is this thing on?”



  4. Supersoul Says:

    Blows Vespa away on a price/performance basis. Take that! you Vespa elitists.

    BTW… was that you doing the voiceover, Steve? Extremely smooth and professional.


  5. Steve Says:

    Why, thank you supersoul. It's funny how jobs you do in your past come back to help/haunt you in your future. I had once volunteered to create a multimedia training system in my old IT life and recorded & edited enough voice overs to swear them off for eternity. The project was a MONSTER! At least now I'm blabbing about something fun.


  6. Pvino Says:


    A good review on the Aprilia and Vespa – I find the Aprilia a better value IMO over the Vespa.

    By the way – gas prices, SoCal region, dropped by 20 cents, no big deal – still way over priced here.

    Your website is great, really appreciate your diverse reviews from undergarment skeletal wear to electronic communication. Two thumbs up on your website.



  7. scgt Says:

    It’s only a good value because the new Beo 200′s (and to a large degree, the Sportcity 250ie’s, too) are built in China to keep the overall cost down!

    Dealers such as AF1racing in New Braunfels (#1 Aprilia dealer in US) are steering clear of the Beo 200 for “that reason” exactly.

    I must say, after seeing and test-riding it myself, it really is indeed a very well-put-togethered scooter. Much nicer-equipped than the SYM HD200 (same price range). Just not so sure about the reliability issues (as seen on youtube and in forums) being it’s a first-year model.

    One thing that’s still true–Aprilia scooters have consistently packed more performance and value than their counterparts from Vespa/Piaggio. Aprilia may be the hidden jewel of the family.



  8. scgt Says:

    I totally forgot!!! What’s with the dash w/Kmph on the outside??? The MP3′s(for the American market) have the same flaw.

    Another beautiful video, Steve! You so smooth…



  9. Anonymous Says:

    Nice work. I really like Aprilia bikes but there is only one dealer that is even remotely close.

    Curious about the Vespa video review, did you put the bike up on the centerstand with motor running?


  10. Marc Says:

    Great review! It’s so great to see video reviews — to see the controls, to hear the engine (and maybe see it in motion, hint, hint!), etc.

    At this price point and with 19hp, they certainly will be taking away sales from SYM HD200 ($3798 MSRP w/15.4 hp) and Kymco People S 200 ($3299 w/11.4 hp).

    I think the Aprilia has the most value per dollar in the 200cc class.


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