Review: 2008 Yamaha Majesty

Thu, Jul 31, 2008

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We’re still servin’ ‘em up! Here’s the latest in our short, little review series. You can click on the title link to read the write up at

You may have noticed the brevity of these reviews. They are meant more to convey the essence of the scooter than offer an all out dissection of it. It’s not really a substitute for doing your own research to gather the long-term owner satisfaction data… more of an attempt to give you the bike’s first impressions. After you read/watch the review you should have a pretty good idea if this scooter is going to make your “short list” or not.

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying the weather in your area. It’s been cookin’ here in Austin. I took my scoot out (at 4pm) two days ago and I felt the hot breeze blow over me as the heat rose up from the black pavement and rained down on me from the above. I have been testing a new jacket (report to come) and I can see the value in mesh jackets. I haven’t used one personally, so I’ll have to do some research to see what other mesh jacket owners have to say about them. Do you have one? What’s your opinion on them?

PS> There’s a funny little typo on the review right now. I said I like my scooters to look “scooterly”, meaning small, like you’d expect to see when someone says “scooter”. For some reason it came out “cooterly” on their site… which… um.. would be an interesting look for a scooter, I suppose. They should have the typo fixed by tomorrow afternoon.

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11 Responses to “Review: 2008 Yamaha Majesty”

  1. Jim Says:

    why does everything over 50cc have to look like a faux crotch rocket


  2. Jim Says:

    oops left out that it was a majestical review complete with coverage of the beautiful hand break and great storage!


  3. Nate Says:

    I love my mesh jacket for summer riding. Under 60 degrees in the mornings is just a little chilly but its like not wearing a jacket on the way home when its 95 degrees.


  4. David Says:

    The Edsel of scooters.


  5. Tim Says:

    Great review!

    I have a mesh jacket as well. While the protection is not as good as leather, it is better than grinding myself into hamburger if I drop the bike.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I like the big scooters and the Majesty is a well thought out and proven design. Nice review overall. I would have like to have heard more of your impressions of the handling of the bike. Also some complain that the seating area is cramped for taller riders, would you agree?

    As for mesh, I have one and love it. The only negative I’ve read about is that mesh plastic can melt when the material is heated up from contact with a slide across the asphalt.

    - Dan from Milwaukee


  7. Anonymous Says:

    106 mph? I pushed mine to 100 once (speedo) – had to back off but don't think it had any left – GPS corrected thats about 'real' 90 mph tops. Don't want to cruise that fast of course but unlike a 250, implies a pretty good 75 mph cruising uphill & against most winds – thats all I want.


  8. Sara Says:

    I love my mesh jacket. Chicago has toasty, humid summers and wearing anything else feels like being in a sauna. It might not be as durable as leather, but I won’t pass out from heat stroke.


  9. Renze Says:

    Looking forward to a possible 2009
    Tmax review :)


  10. Coffedrink Says:

    I have a Mesh jacket from Vanson best one for San Antonio Heat and Humidity not good on cool mornings. On really hot days I also wear an evaporation vest they really kick A. No sweating on over 100 degree days.


  11. robert Says:

    Great review. With regards to mesh jackets, they are the only way to here in South Florida, 85 degrees in the morning and 95 in the afternoon with 80% average humidity. I highly recommend the Vanson Vent Max 3 (Shirt). It’s the only thing bearable down here. I tried other mesh jackets but they were still too hot. The secret is very open weave mesh and it does have ce protection.


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