New Lazer Superskin helmet coating peels back like a real scalp!

Tue, Nov 25, 2008

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Ohhh kay?  And besides “sounding really gross” how does that help us?  Watch the video my friends.  After I saw it I must say I like the idea… but couldn’t you just coat your helmet with teflon?  Maybe I don’t fully understand the mechanics behind it, but if it makes riding safer?  I LOVE IT!

For a bit more info check out the title link to Scooter-Station.  You can also check out the Lazer Helmet site or watch this video on their production facility.  One problem, it looks like Brazil is the closest distributor we’ve got.  :(

3 Responses to “New Lazer Superskin helmet coating peels back like a real scalp!”

  1. GenWaylaid Says:

    To be honest, I never thought of my scalp as an ablative coating for preventing spinal cord injuries.


  2. Tim Says:

    Marketing hype. The rotational dynamics of a helmet with a head in it that is attached to a body are entirely different than the helmet alone. The inertia of your head/body are way more than enough to overcome the slight drag it encounters when hitting the pavement.


  3. Simon Says:

    What Tim said: Not a demonstration of physical propensity, and hardly a demonstration of `safer`. Hyper-rotation is a function of mass and velocity, not the skiddyness of the bonedome.

    Lazer can have that new technical word, we shan’t be needing it.


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