Top Gear Vietnam – Motorcycle vs. Cub vs. Scooter

Fri, Jan 9, 2009

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Our friends from the Scooter Club Gold Triangle have dug up some more great entertainment for scooter lovers with their discovery of the Vietnam edition of Top Gear on YouTube. The Kingdom’s tenacious three travel 1,000 across Vietnam on a motorcycle, a cub and a Vespa. You may be surprised with the results!

Shouts to Krallopian who managed to squish the 1 hour special into a smoke-break long 10 minute edition (still allowing you 5 minutes to get to the elevator and back). For links to the entire show visit the SCGT’s website. Thanks Lorenzo!

You know, I’d like to see the same battle except Scooter vs. Hummer. Jeremy? You can drive the Hummer.

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12 Responses to “Top Gear Vietnam – Motorcycle vs. Cub vs. Scooter”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The speed of light is constant unless you’re on a Vespa in which case you have to consider Halliday’s Postulate which states:

    Vespa + H20 = Electrical problems

    Thusly reducing the speed of light to zero.


  2. Steve Says:

    YEEEOUCH! That’s a burner. It wouldn’t be so funny if I didn’t know a few people with that issue.

    I don’t know if it’s a concern on the modern Vespas though. Anyone have a problem with “Halliday’s Postulate” on their new Vespa?


  3. Tim Says:

    That was truly awesome. I love that show and the fact that they had a bike shoot out makes it even better.

    “Stop talking”



  4. Tim Says:

    Producer notes on this show –

    It looks like it will be aired on BBC America!


  5. scgt Says:

    As with most of what one reads on the Internet, one person can’t possibly take all the credit for a find; however, “Mike in Tx”, with his earlier links on 2sb, certainly led me to do some extra digging which was just fun for me. Glad that you all find the video amusing.–Lorenzo


  6. scgt Says:

    Thanks, Tim, for the heads up. It would be good for me to befriend someone who has cable + a biga*s HDTV now. I just can’t imagine how beautiful the Vietnamese countryside would look on a nice set…–Lorenzo


  7. Jim Says:

    rubbing hands together clicking heals and counting my piggie bank change towards a ticket to Nam.


  8. JJ Says:

    Oh Jeremy what a wuss.

    Reminded me of my days during the 80′s when I used to travel anywhere up to 1500 miles on my ‘hols’ touring in Scotland on my Vespa P200. I did it several times, in all sorts of weather; torrential rain, sunshine, high winds, even snow on the highland passes. No bother.


  9. Spencer Says:

    I know what you mean, I have made a few rides from the Outer banks to the Appalachian Mtns on my STELLA. Given it is not the best ride, if you have a Strong back and a strong constitution then you can get anywhere, I use to have some shorts with my headlight for a while, but I have never been shocked by it.


  10. Tim Says:

    I watched this episode in its entirety last night. It was a great show and surprisingly this compilation does reflect a lot of the show. The beauty of the country, the ingenuity of the people and the stressed respect of the three hosts really came together. I highly recommend it.


  11. L.Font Says:

    You can see the complete video (in two parts) with spanish subtitles


  12. Steve Says:

    Thanks L.Font! Great quality and with Spanish subtitles if that helps some of the viewers out there.

    This looks like one to have on DVD or even BLURAY!


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