Honda Cub to go automatic for 2010!

Thu, Sep 10, 2009


Honda’s gone and done it! Adding an automatic transmission to the Cub has been on Honda’s upgrade short list for some time now, and just two days ago Akisan sent us the scoop on Honda’s new CV-Matic engine for Cubs (all underbone type Hondas).
Here’s a snippet from the press release:
TOKYO, Japan, September 8, 2009 – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced that it has developed a new automatic transmission, the CV-Matic (with 14 patents pending!), which can be used in combination with Cub-style engines. This new fully automatic transmission further enhances the practicality and convenience of the Cub-type models that have won fans worldwide, especially in developing countries. The new system will be available with Cub-style scooters to be released in the ASEAN region starting in 2010.

ASEAN is not a misspelling of Asian, it’s pronounced AH-see-ahn and it means the Association of Southeast Asian Nations… so yeah, it means Asian and that means there are currently no plans to share the love with us meat eatin‘ ‘Mericans. Dang it.
Here’s a photo of their new cooling system based on Honda’s small-motorcycle automatic transmission technology, which protects and enhances the durability of the drive belt and allows for a more compact design with shorter distances between pulleys. Thanks to this advance, the positioning of the engine does not need to be significantly altered, optimizing layout design freedom.

Here you can see that it’s just a smidgen bigger than the classic, manual cub motor.
I can’t wait to see one of these babys mounted on a 2010 Cub!

The old manual tranny is fun and all, but my carpal tunnel would really appreciate the break. Again a big ARIGATO to Aki for the scoop! Click the title link to go to Honda’s official press release page.

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12 Responses to “Honda Cub to go automatic for 2010!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Interesting and depressing all at the same time.

    We can't have nice things.


  2. Brendan Says:


    The 3 speed gearbox was what made it interesting to me.

    In fact without it I wouldn't ride one.

    Thankfully there are still like 60 million "cool" cubs (and some Symbas) out there so I should still be able to make my lifelong dream of cub (or postie) ownership come true.

    There aren't enough oddities in America.


  3. D V Praveen Says:

    Reminds me of "Gift of magi". Aren't we heading to less fuel world. I don't see how an automatic gives a better mileage than non-automatic one. :(


  4. Tim Says:

    It will give us more bikes on the road I would think.


  5. DutchMopedrider Says:

    I've been waiting for this :D

    Now only thing we still need is a cub-driveshaft (instead of that archaic chain)..

    You can make awesome rides with that combination.. Grand tour mopeds. Heck, design a "Honda ChiBi (means small in Japanese) Goldwing".


  6. chop6 Says:

    china boys have cvt on theirs cub-clones for the couple of years. by the way, it has very interesting construction without belt, torque is provided by the pack of steel balls


  7. GenWaylaid Says:

    This certainly has me thinking. A 50cc automatic Cub engine would be legal on a moped in nearly every state if you had bicycle pedals somewhere on the vehicle. As a moped engine it may not need any EPA approvals, either. It's too bad a top-quality American designed moped wouldn't really have a market, or else I'd order a container load of these engines and get started.


  8. Anonymous Says:


    You forgot to post that the Honda PCX 125cc scooter is confirmed as a USA model.


    - Dudel


  9. Valimagdon Says:

    How does your carpal tunnel enter into it when the Cub's manual transmission doesn't have a hand clutch>


  10. ScooterScoop Says:

    Wow! Talk about mental auto-pilot. When I think about manual trannies, I think about my old Vespa T5 and the aches I felt after a 3 day rally; but your absolutely right, the only difference on the cub would be less foot work… MUCH less on hilly stop and go trips.

    I do have to wonder if an automatic cub will still have the curb climbing power of the manual in first.

    Good catch Valimagdon!


  11. Mr Mello Says:

    Good Morning plis manual motor honda cub any 1991 you have piecas e fotografy in motor explodida


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