RIP Scooter World Magazine 2004-2010

Sun, Jun 27, 2010


I’d like to take this moment to recognize a scooter publication that will be woefully missed. I remember driving to my local scooter shop, with excitement in my heart in hopes that a new issue of Scooter World Magazine would be waiting for me in the magazine bin. This was before I even owned a scooter and I was full of questions: What should I get? Ohh! Look at that jacket. THAT’S the helmet I want. I was enthralled by it when I was a newb and voraciously ate it up years after I started TheScooterScoop.

Bev Brinson operated her magazine with heart and integrity and only her love of the scootering as both her experience and her inspiration. Neither Bev nor I were scooter experts when we started spreading the scooter-gospel… most of you could out wrench us in those early days (maybe even TODAY, if I’m speaking for myself). That didn’t stop her from producing the largest circulating scooter magazine in the nation. Bev and the crew had just bought their first scooters from Sportique Scooters in Denver and as they learned they shared their experience in print and educated thousands of other scooter newbs in the process.

The final issue of Scooter World Magazine was March 2010. I am proud to have written the cover story for that issue, but now wish I had the opportunity to contribute more to future issues. The free scooter mag is no more. I hope you will take a moment to send Bev your blessings and wish her well on her new endeavors.

Bev! I raise my pint in your honor and offer my undying gratitude for the years of blood, sweat, and tears that you put into Scooter World Magazine. I wish you the best in the future and hope that you’ll stay in touch. Keep the rubber on the road my friend.

Oh, and to the scooter peeps. If you haven’t picked up your copy of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Motor Scooters by Bev Brinson and Senior Writer Bryce Ludwig, help a sista out and pick up a copy from her website. Bev will really appreciate the love in return for all of their hard work. ¬†Thanks!

3 Responses to “RIP Scooter World Magazine 2004-2010”

  1. Sporty Says:

    The old Yahoo group I started before people knew what a Chinese scooter was is still around, Since Sept 2003.
    I’m sure that’s why used to get emails from Geoff at SWM asking about the Chinese scooters, I will miss SWM…… RIP SWM !!!!!
    I run the forum @
    now since the old C3 riders went offline.


  2. Harry Howle Says:

    Thank you Bev, for all of your hard work. I loved getting your magazine…



  1. Scooter World Magazine is no more @ - 29. Jun, 2010

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