Honda Innova 125i + full body fairing = 200+ mpg!

Wed, Jul 7, 2010


Here you see the Honda Innova. It weighs 231 lbs, would retail for about $2600 if we could get them in the US and gets a very respectable 114 MPG right out of the box. You would think people would be happy with that. There’s not a lot of vehicles that can do 65 mph and still get over 100 mpg, but Dutch efficiency enthusiast, Allert Jacobs, wasn’t satisfied. Three years and $5000 later he has completed The Aerocycle, a Honda Innova 125i that gets over 200 MPG, looks pretty cool and has a trunk to boot!

The Aerocycle is a great example of a garage inventor “bucking the system”.  Allert Jacobs could just wait around until Honda finally decided to produce ultra high efficiency scooter, but he took matters into his own hands and who knows what could become of it?  He could just have a cool aerodynamic scooter and some really low fuel expenditures and a story to tell.  Maybe he’ll develop a kit and inspire others to do the same.  What ever the outcome, I think he’s on the right track.

If you are thinking about working to improve your fuel economy, you could start with something simple like using you kill switch (source). Unlike automobile drivers, shifter scooterists and motorcyclists have an easily accessible kill switch. You can hit that kill switch when coasting and especially downhills, then while holding the clutch in and in an appropriate gear, turn the kill switch back on, release the clutch and restart the engine without using the starter. It is a procedure that when well rehearsed can be smooth and safe, and when it is done without due care and skill can cause you to flip your bike. Also note that in some motorcycles, you will lose braking power if your engine is off.

A great resource to check out is  Ecomodder.  They are even documenting a similar upgrade being done to a Suzuki Burgman!

Oh!  And 200 MPG is by no means the limit.  You can beat that if you try!  The Craig Vetter‘s Fuel Economy Run of the 80′s, inspired people to make motorbikes that got as much as 470 MPG!

Shouts to Tim for the link to one of my favorite childhood magazines, POPSCI, who did a respectable job of covering the subject.

The top view of the motorcycle  Hans Pieterse.

9 Responses to “Honda Innova 125i + full body fairing = 200+ mpg!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Hummm makes you wonder what you could do with a 150 ruckus clone.
    Top out at 70 and get 100mpg maybe?


  2. Jeffraham Prestonian Says:

    I’m wondering… if I win the lottery, and CAN replace my problematic Kymco People 250… should I even try a new Kymco, like the Downtown 300i (which I like the looks of, and the specs), or say “SCREW IT!” and just get a Honda?


  3. Steve Says:

    The lottery? That’s not necessary. You’ve got a boatload of good deals on Craigslist!


  4. Tim Says:

    I’ve seen ads for the original Honda Cub with advertised mileage over 200 mpg! Why are the current fuel injected models not at least that much?


    • Col Klunk Says:

      The 200 mpg claims for the Cubs were nowhere near real world conditions. They were something like a constant, unchanging throttle on a smooth road at 15 mph. Sure all scooter should have fuel injection and low rolling resistance ires, buts its not the motors holding fuel economy back, its aerodynamic design. Unfortunately, smooth bullets are not that attractive or functional for most scooter riders.



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