DWI Cop kills motorcyclist and has charges dropped

Sat, Aug 21, 2010


DWI Cop kills motorcyclist and has charges dropped

Above The Law was bad when it was a cheesy Seagal movie from the late 80′s… It’s even worse when it’s real life.  An Indiana police officer, David Bisard, crashed his cruiser into two stopped motorcycles on Aug. 6, killing 30 year old Eric Wells and injuring two other people.  But, that’s not all… he was legally drunk!  And even THAT is not all… the DUI charges from the accident were dropped!

Hundreds of motorcyclists gathered Friday night at Monument Circle at the city’s center to show support for the victims and to protest the dismissal of the drunken driving charges.  Bisard, if convicted, could face up to 20 years in prison.  A survey on THIS page says 32% of those polled agree with how the city is handling this case.  How do you feel about what’s going down in Indianapolis?

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  1. Jeremy Says:

    I think you know how I feel about this Steve.

    Thanks for the coverage!


  2. Sporty Says:

    Hang him by the balls!!


  3. Arturo Cortez Says:

    Become a cop, get drunk while you work and get a license to kill……anybody.
    Some thing stinks in Indianapolis.


  4. whtsmoke Says:

    So just because hes a cop it means he can go around driving a city vehicle drunk and get away with it? I think someone needs torethink this situation very carefully as it could bacome ugly.


  5. Paul Sarnoff Says:

    And law enforcement wonders why it gets so little respect?
    The FBI needs to be called in to investigate.
    Something and more than one person is very corrupt.
    People need to be disbarred and some to need to be in prison…


  6. Tim Says:

    While this is a horrible event let’s try to keep the police backlash to a minimum. The great majority of the police men and women out there are not drunks and perform a difficult duty to protect us.

    That being said, this guy needs to get slammed hard.


    • demarion Says:

      Enough with the ‘majority of cops are good”! Sure, maybe that’s true, but it would be a lot easier to believe if the cops who are bad get treated as they deserve, instead of being protected all the time.


  7. allworld Says:

    This is a perfect expample of how cops protect cops and how the DA’s play along.
    I will never trust cops, on wouldn’t piss on one if thhe was on fire.


  8. troches Says:

    its good hes not in az. it just makes me sick my prays go out 2 the fimilies ride free bro.


  9. Tom Says:

    This is so sad. My prayers go out to the victim’s friends and family. R.I.P.


  10. Tim Says:

    Where does it say the charges were dropped? I have re-read the articles linked above and I cannot find it.


      • Tim Says:

        Ah, they are dropping the DUI related charged due to shoddy blood work. I can understand that. The standards and laws for doing that are there to protect both the accuser and the accused.

        However, I can’t believe this would happen. As a state employee here in Texas, if I am involved in any kind of traffic accident, even if I was not driving a motor vehicle but something like a Kawasaki Mule, I have to submit to a drug/alcohol screening. I would think it would be the same for him.

        Someone dropped the ball here. The question is if it was intentional or not.


        • liviya Says:

          The facility used to do the blood work is the same place most companies in Indianapolis send employees for work related drug tests and the police routinely use for tests on motorists. If it wasn’t done right for this cop it must not be right for the thousands of other people they do blood work on on a regular basis.

          The fact that his driver’s license hasn’t (and won’t be) revoked for this is insane. He went into a store in uniform and bought vodka and drank it in his cop car while on duty. There shouldn’t be any dropping of any charges and he should rot in prison for the rest of his life. Along with any police officers that have tried to protect Bisard instead of the public


          • TAKEOFF Says:

            It’s plainly obvious that Indianapolis P.D. is using the “good ol’ boy” system, where they operate above the law, even in such a high profile case as this, and it also shows how the police really DO have it out for bikers…otherwise there might be a different outcome if it was someone’s little kid or an old lady crossing the street….I want to know where are all the cop 3-piece patch clubs on this one? Oh yeah…they’re in his corner, silent…..

  11. whtsmoke Says:

    My question is wny he wasnt tsted the peoper way as an individual would have been?


  12. Toby Williams Says:

    Wow! I think the whole department should get a drug/alcohol screening! A man died, 2 were injured, at the hands of a man sworn in to protect them! Damn crooked cops! You know what happens to someone that hits and kills a cop while drunk?? Fry his ass and anyone who stands in the way!


  13. Ronchies Says:

    shoot him in the face


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