Possibly the best modern scooter theme EVER

Thu, Nov 8, 2012


Vespa S in an R2D2 theme

I wanted to call it the Vespa S R2D2-Stroke, but it’s a 4-stroke.  If you can think of something clever, leave it in the comments.

Other than the fact that it’s freakin’ GLORIOUS, I don’t know much else about this custom themed Vespa S.  I’ve always been a fan of the Vespa S’ looks, but stack on TOP of that the unmistakable similarity to a certain, feisty, little droid and you’ve got one HECK of a conversation piece.

Has anyone out there seen this scooter in person?  Can we get some more photos or video?  My wife stumbled across this one the other night and said, “HEY!  Did you see this?” to which I responded, “WHAT THA?!” and proceeded to put “POST ON THE SCOOP” in my to-do list.

Yes!  We’ve got the source link.  Check it out HERE>

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  1. Charlie Gillingham Says:

    Nice custom made Vespa scooter theme! Shes a beauty or should I say R2-D2! Great job on the art work!


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