Inside Bikes News – Yamaha XMAX

Mon, May 23, 2005


Inside Bikes News: “Following on the development of the ground breaking TMAX scooter, the elegant new XMAX delivers impressive performance and handling whilst retaining some serious commuting features.

The 250cc four-stroke, liquid cooled, automatic engine offers good acceleration which should leave the 4-wheeled city-traffic standing! But, with a super efficient motor and a 12.5 litre tank, expect a great fuel range.

With a long wheelbase, sports-type alloy chassis, 15/14 inch wheels and wide tyres, the XMAX boasts out-of-its-segment handling. Its agility is matched by large diameter discs (267mm and 240 mm). A seat height of just 785mm offers city confidence and a fully car-style dash protects the rider from the elements.”

One Response to “Inside Bikes News – Yamaha XMAX”

  1. casey Says:

    Wow, Sounds like it would make a good long-range scoot. Big tank and all…
    Put my scoots specs up against that one and mine seems like it would barely make it around the block. hehe.

    engine: 570cc
    fuel capacity: 1 gal
    tires: 10in.

    Dan tells me he is insistant on buying a 50cc Dragster.. cant wait to try it out. helloooo burnouts!


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