WTF?! of the week – Hideous 350cc abomination of scooterkind

Mon, Nov 27, 2006


(*GASP* OH THE HUMANITY! Hide the women and children! They should not know of such horrors!)

Sorry, for the over acting. This thing just BLOWS my mind. What you have is the creation of the Dr.Frankensteins from Team Cristofolini, scooter racing specialists. They have grafted FOUR engines (roughly 90cc each) together for a 4 cylinder, 2 stroke, 350cc monstrosity that produces 110 HP! (Well, 110 cv. which from what I understand is equal to hp).

Much love to Aki for this photo from the EICMA show. He managed to dig up the stuff everyone else (the major scooter news networks) was too afraid to cover.

If I manage some more full-frame images, I’ll post them here. Casey? You have any insight as to what’s going on here?

UPDATE – See more on MCN’s site.

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8 Responses to “WTF?! of the week – Hideous 350cc abomination of scooterkind”

  1. Danarchy Says:

    Looks like a winner. And best of all no sound deadners on the exhaust. I wonder if they sell a kit for my dragster.


  2. Pete Says:

    I was an expansion pipe junkie – still am.

    LOVE it!


  3. GenWaylaid Says:

    So let’s see…110 hp from 350cc is 315 bhp/L? Even for a two-stroke that’s pushing the technological limits. I bet if you opened the throttle all the way up it would absolutely scream–and then melt.


  4. Casey Says:

    An absolute marvel of hotrod engineering! Too much is just enough.. Whoever is responsible for this monster, My hats off to ya’. Custom made engine cases, modified cylinders, custom reed intakes, fabricated exhaust with tunability, timing belt synchronizing the two crankshafts… I could go on and on.


  5. Steve Says:

    Danarchy… you wish!

    Pete, I don’t think you could avoid burning a hole in your trousers with all those pipes.

    Genwaylaid, we’ll have to see if they share some video of this baby on the road IF they can find a test pilot fool hearty enough.

    Luca, thanks for the added images!

    Casey… I knew you’d drool all over this one. It’s a tough act to follow, but I know your gears are turnin’!


  6. Bryce Says:

    I want that engine. About 10 times more than I want that twin cylinder Lambretta motor from Tino.


  7. the Skunk Says:

    bloody marvelous , this is what technology is for , making things bigger and sillier than everyone else can !! love it ,how do I get one !!


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