LA Times celebrates the 3-wheeler

Thu, Jan 10, 2008


(NOT one of the 3-wheelers celebrated by the Times… courtesy of Force4x4)
A little newsletter called “The LA Times” dropped some knowledge on 3-wheelers about a week ago. Thanks to Mike Davis for the scoop! One tidbit that caught my eye was this line:

Piaggio’s groundbreaking MP3 250 hasn’t even been on the market for a year, and already it’s the bestselling scooter in the Piaggio brand lineup. So what’s a manufacturer to do? Capitalize on that success with a one-two punch: a pair of 400-cc and 500-cc maxi-scooters that use the same twinned wheels and articulated front end to increase the bike’s stability and riders’ sense of calm.

Yeah? Bestselling Piaggio? Ok, that’s pretty cool. I’ve yet to test drive the MP3-500. In the article they also speak of the Vectrix V3… that’s Vectrix’s electric scooter that uses a licensed mp3 tilting wheel mechanism. Susan Carpenter was NOT very impressed with the outcome.

See more odd 3-wheelers HERE mostly photoshopped strangeness.


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