LA Scooter Review Week – Day 4

Fri, Jun 27, 2008


Day 4 – The Aprilia Scarabeo 200. This video was blown out for some reason… over compensating for yesterday’s video? Perhaps.


5 Responses to “LA Scooter Review Week – Day 4”

  1. scgt Says:

    Where and when are we gonna read these “reviews” that you’re talkin’ about? Oh, yes, buy the magazines. I get it!



  2. DaveM Says:

    Sounds like a fantastic gig. Let me know when and were the reviews are coming and I will pimp them on the podcast.


  3. RickRussellTX Says:

    I just passed Steve going south on Sepulveda Blvd in Manhattan Beach. I was going north on my yellow Helix.


  4. MartinRacingPerformance Says:

    Everyone at the office is happy to see these. Keep it up Steve.


  5. Steve Says:

    Hi Folks!
    scgt! No, not in the magazines my friend… right here at TSS as WELL as over at I’m still chiseling away at them so give it a few days before you go looking for them.

    davem! Will do my podcasting partner! I might even have a little video too if you’d like to share.

    rickrusselltx! w00t! I saw you man! Sorry I didn’t stop… But I DID wave! Oh, and your little icon next to your post? A spittin’ image of your sweet Helix… though the icon looks like you have a tail spoiler on the back… You DEFINITELY need a tail spoiler on the back of your Helix!

    martinracingperformance! Thanks for the support Joel! It’s nice to have such good folks behind ya.


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