The MotoTank

Sun, Jun 28, 2009

3-wheel, Custom

In keeping with the two scoots but one ass direction that Steve started exploring I give you the MotoTank:

This is what happens when you weld together two 150cc liquid cooled scooters and set it up for tank style steering.

Follow this link for more photos and information on the build.

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3 Responses to “The MotoTank”

  1. ScooterScoop Says:

    Whoa! That think is blowing my mind.
    I can't stop looking at it.


  2. Lucy Says:

    Pretty complex. well done on a good job.


  3. asok Says:

    It Makes me to feel like stonecold steve austin the WWE super star. He always enters eith a bike
    like this. wonderful design.


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