How it’s Made – Vespa Edition

Thu, Sep 17, 2009


(Thanks to peterscooterlife for publishing this on YouTube.)

I’m sure you’ve seen one and you might have even repaired one, but you probably haven’t seen a modern Vespa built from the ground up.  While over visiting the site of our phriend in the Philippines, John Rana, I saw some nice videos including this clip from Season 6, Episode 13 of How It’s Made, the “it” here being a Vespa GTS.

Shout out to the WhoRidesAVespa? blog for the scoop and a happy belated birthday to John who just turned 37.  You should check out some really nice looking video of him and his scooter here.  You can tell it was done by people who know more about their cameras than “Autofocus”.  Artfully done!


3 Responses to “How it’s Made – Vespa Edition”

  1. Abet Rana Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Steve! Really appreciate it. :)


  2. Zain Says:

    I like those kinds of videos. How it's made…Vespa style! I just started a Classic Scooter blog myself. I'm searching the internet for other cool scooter sites and decided this is a good blog to link to.


  3. Anonymous Says:

    We watch the "How's it made" cable/satellite TV show many times. It's really informative on how things we take for granite are made.


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