The best show you won’t see on American TV

Sun, Apr 4, 2010


The best show you won’t see on American TV

Take one helping of Jimmy from Quadrophenia and serve with a side of scooter mod legends Dave, Nick & Ian and you’ve got the hottest bit of television to never be made… until now that is.  Understand that this is just a pilot for the time being.  This looks like a project that kicked off back in June or July of last year and, from what I can tell, has yet to make the airwaves. I’m hoping that if I keep an eye on their YouTube page or official site, some updates will appear.  Even if the BBC doesn’t pick it up, I hope they can find the resources to keep it coming as a video cast.  Now that American Chopper has been canceled this would be a GREAT replacement!

You could get away with watching the video at work with the volume down… it’s the audio f-bombs that’ll get you in trouble.

Shouts to April at the JustScoot! blog for the scoop!

6 Responses to “The best show you won’t see on American TV”

  1. Casey Says:

    Damn, I would so watch that show.
    “Sorry, Can’t work late, gotta’ catch the new episode of Scooter Revival UK”.


  2. RickRussellTX Says:

    That’s way too much artificial drama. If you’re gonna make a show about scooters, it might be nice to see people actually enjoying the scooters, instead of sniping at each other all the time. I got enough tension in my life without a bunch of made-up tension.


  3. Steve Guzman Says:

    Yeah, you know… I don’t understand the need for “tension” myself *crunches nice, juicy, Jazz apple*… but apparently we are among the few. I’m the guy who almost cried with TechTV got bought up by G4TV. There was no way I was going to exchange my hours of educational, geek-talk for hours of “fail” videos, faux sexual tension and first person shooter game reviews.

    Question. COULD a show, like Scooter Revival UK, survive without subscribing to the “real world” formula? How do you feel a show like American Pickers is doing? Do they manage to maintain your interest or are THEY too dramatic? Do you miss the ego and testosterone fueled rampages of American Chopper? Would a channel of motorbike “how to’s” keep you coming back?


  4. Tim Lewallen Says:

    Please, I don’t want to watch “British Scooters” anymore than I want to watch “American Choppers”. All we need is another handful of diva gear heads yelling at each other. It’s like WWF with bikes.

    The series of biker build offs that Discovery ran a few years back is the way to do it. Informative how-to’s and this is how we do it and how it works segments would be better I think.


  5. Casey Says:

    Well personally, I’m glad that scooter customizing might be on TV at all.


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